Sunday, March 28, 2010

the true welcome...

Holy Week is upon us and today, Palm Sunday words by Ephraim Peabody from his "Christian Days and Thoughts."  May the day "bringeth peace" to all. 

"As Christ draws near to us, how shall we welcome him ? It is not enough to rear temples in his name, and to chant hymns in his honor..The true welcome is breathed from the lowly and trusting heart, which, though from afar, looks up and rejoices in the coming footsteps upon the mountains, of Him who bringeth peace. It comes from those, who, in their earthly lot, would follow him in works of usefulness, and in deeds of love. It comes from those who long for a higher purity, a more steadfast righteousness, a more sincere dedication of the life to God and all good ends. In our frailty, we welcome Him 'whose words are strength; in our self-distrusting despondency, we welcome Him whose words are full of hope. In our desires for a better life, we welcome Him who is the true life; and, compassed about by these shadows of mortality, we welcome Him, who stands beside these ranks of graves, " the resurrection and the life."


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