Saturday, March 20, 2010

give goodness a chance...

A unified life that will facilitate...virtuous purposes" is called for by Henry Ware as he continues to discuss habits in Chapter 5 of "Progress of the Christian Life."

"He is especially to learn the great duty of seeing to it, from the first, that all his personal and social habits, his disposition of time, the order of his affairs, the customs of his daily life and business, be such as to facilitate his virtuous purposes,— such as to make devotion and religion easy to him, — such as to make holy thoughts and benevolent actions always in place, never incongruous, never irksome, because evidently in the way of other affairs. By this method, he should give to goodness the fairest chance of obtaining a complete ascendancy over him. Principle, finding all the habits of life and mind congenial, would thrive, and strengthen, and assume the complete mastery."


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