Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the owner of the sphere...

School starts today for our three children (Grades 8, 6, and 4-sounds amazingly well planned doesn't it?)  During my years as a middle and high school history teacher, Emerson's great essay "History" pointed the way.  Blessings to all students who are being "admitted to the right of reason" this back-to-school season.

"There is no great and no small
To the Soul that maketh all:
And where it cometh, all things are;
And it cometh everywhere.

I am owner of the sphere,
Of the seven stars and the solar year,
Of Caesar's hand, and Plato's brain,
Of Lord Christ's heart, and Shakespeare's strain.

There is one mind common to all individual men. Every man is an inlet to the same and to all of the same. He that is once admitted to the right of reason is made a freeman of the whole estate. What Plato has thought, he may think; what a saint has felt, he may feel; what at any time has befallen any man, he can understand. Who hath access to this universal mind, is a party to all that is or can be done, for this is the only and sovereign agent."



Gerry said...

Let it be so.

slt said...

Amen and many thanks Gerry! Blessings, BU