Saturday, August 21, 2010

bore them to death...

George Putnam (1807-1878) was the longtime minister of First Church in Roxbury and a founding member of the Transcendental Club.  Over the next few days I will excerpt from his sermons.  Today, an anecdote from his biography in "Heralds of a Liberal Faith"

"He (Rev. Putnam) almost immediately took a high rank among the preachers of the day, but devoted himself as earnestly to the cares of his parish as to the preparation of the weekly discourse. But, if his calls were faithfully performed, they were not long or professional. Rev. Nathaniel Hall, of Dorchester, says that one time Dr. Putnam said to him, “Hall, how long do you stay when you make a parish call?” Mr. Hall replied in his quiet, gentle way: “Oh, it depends upon the nature of the conversation we fall into. If it prove very interesting or helpful or religious, thirty or forty minutes or a little longer.” “Why, Hall, replied Dr. Putnam, “I should think you would bore them to death. I never stay more than five minutes.”


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