Sunday, August 8, 2010

baffled and bewildered...

I had planned to move on from William Henry Furness but have really been taken by the sermons in his volume "Discourses."  This from the beginning of "THE MYSTERY OF THE GOSPEL".

THE Glory of this mystery which is Christ in you, the hope of glory."

"From the beginning of the world, and from the constitution of our nature, mysteries have always had an irresistible attraction. Although baffled and bewildered, we return to them again and again with a curiosity which may be wearied for awhile, but which can never be exhausted. A religion without mystery the world never has endured, and never will. When it could not find mysteries, it has invented them out of the rankest absurdities.

But the difference between true mysteries and false is decisive. Mysteries falsely so called cheat and forbid inquiry, while true mysteries most urgently invite and most abundantly reward it.

As then we are naturally prompted to search into deep things, and as the result, although of necessity partial, will be worth all the pains that we may take, let us look now into the mystery of the Gospel of Christ. All the pains that we may take! Could we only become as little children, blessed would be our eyes, for they would discern what learned men, theologians, and philosophers, have desired to see and have not been able.

The mystery of the Gospel of Christ; in other words the meaning of Christianity—what is it ? what is its work, purpose, influence in the world ?"...more tomorrow.


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