Wednesday, July 28, 2010

kept the waters pure around him...

After several days with Rufus Ellis, I started this morning "The Life and Letters of Christopher Pearse Cranch."  This is a description of his father, William Cranch (July 17, 1769 – September 1, 1855) a Mass. Unitarian, who was appointed by his uncle John Adams a Judge of the DC District Court, and later by Thomas Jefferson Chief of that court

"I don't believe he ever spent an idle hour in his life.  His life was uniform...His great idea was duty.  His recreations were music, chess, study, contemplation.  He prayed much when alone.  He repeated old poems to himself in his walks.  But for ten hours every day for sixty years he was in public and working for the public. He was working for the right, and antagonizing the wrong, and he kept the waters pure around him."

I like that...Blessings

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