Friday, July 16, 2010

the angels in heaven...

Samuel Longfellow continues on church...

"It seems to me that, whenever a new church is formed, the angels in heaven ought to sing again, Now shall there be peace on earth, and good-will among men. And God should say, Now is my kingdom nearer, and my will more truly to be done on earth. And Jesus should rejoice in spirit and cry, Behold, new laborers for the harvest; now shall men learn to love God with all their heart and strength, and their neighbor as themselves. And old prophets' hearts should be stirred anew, as they proclaim, Now shall men beat their swords into plowshares, and deal their bread to the hungry, and undo the heavy burdens, and give justice to the fatherless, and break every yoke.

It seems to me as if, whenever a new church is formed, earth's suffering, sinning, wronged, and perishing ones should lift their heads, and a new hope light up their eyes, as they cried, You will help us, you will save us ; in the name of the God you say is our Father, the Christ you say is our Redeemer. And all good men's hearts should be gladdened; and earth's tyrants and tempters, and plotters of wrong, and framers of unjust laws, should cower and tremble, as before a new moral force rising up to conquer them. Is it so ? I will not doubt that every church does something to this end. But the whole creation still groaneth in pain, waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God."


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