Wednesday, July 14, 2010

entirely theoretical relations...

In his later years, Samuel Longfellow served for a time at Germantown Penn. where he was much loved.  One parishioner, however, did feel that Rev. Longfellow, a lifelong bachelor, may have had some practical deficiencies in the area of love and marriage.  He wrote:

" He (Longfellow) had the deepest appreciation of home and home life ; and we all of us wished that his own experience might have included that love which alone gives ideal beauty and blessing to home life. In a letter to me he wrote the following childlike sentiment : ' I am glad you are so happy in your new life, and I see no reason why your happiness should not continue and increase. I remember once being told by a lady, whom I knew when a young boy, that love is often stronger after marriage than before.'

" This (the parishioner continued) gives a glimpse, I think, into his entirely theoretical relations to this subject."

(honey, if you are reading today, I think bachelor Sam was not wrong...)

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