Thursday, July 8, 2010

keep on the sunny side...

I loved James Freeman Clarke's "Message" today (also posted at Wonderful Epoch.)  Back to Samuel Longfellow's view of church tomorrow...

"THERE is an organ of hope in the brain which perpetually looks forward. It is the instinct of the future. It teaches us that there is not less life for us after death, but more; not less of power, knowledge, love, work, beauty, joy, but more. This belief in the future life does not rest on knowledge or argument, but on the habit of looking forward in faith and trust. Some have more of it, some less. It may be strengthened by exercise. We may look at the dark side or the bright side of things, as we choose. We may look down or up, we may look at our sorrows and trials or at our joys. By looking at the dark side, we lose the power of seeing good. We see only what is selfish, cold, and hard in men, only what is dark and terrible in the universe. Seek, and you shall find. You have what you look after. As a man sows, so shall he reap. A man may think that he believes in a future life because of the arguments in its favor : he may think that he disbelieves it because he has been convinced by the arguments against it. No: he believes in it because he has established the habit of looking at the good side of things, because he has exercised and educated his organs of faith and hope. He disbelieves it because he has not exercised and educated them."

(painting:  "Sower With Setting Sun" by van Gogh)

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