Thursday, May 12, 2011

what is this that stirs within...

This poem from the quite wonderful minister in Philadelphia, William Henry Furness...

What is this that stirs within,
Loving goodness, hating sin,
Always craving to be blest,
Finding here below no rest?

Nought that charms the ear or eye
Can its hunger satisfy;
Active, restless, it would pierce
Through the outward universe.

What is it? and whither? whence?
This unsleeping, secret sense,
Longing for its rest and food
In some hidden, untried good?

'T is the soul! Mysterious name!
Him it seeks from whom it came;
It would, Mighty God, like thee,
Holy, holy, holy be!"


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RevEliot said...

I LOVE Furness! No, really. Been reading him this year. Thanks for this...