Sunday, May 22, 2011

renew thyself...

The Unitarian minister James Vila Blake was, in his day, well known, as a poet. This from his book "Sonnets Based on the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius" published in 1920...

Marcus Aurelius:

"Therefore provide for thyself to have continually this manner of quiet refuge, and renew thyself in thy self, and have about thee always some few brief and underlying or elemental principles, which straightway when you recur to them will be able to wash away all discontents, and send you back ready and willing to the affairs you must return to."

Blake's Sonnet:

" I make my constant prayer unto all men,
And unto Him who bringeth all to pass,
And pray my fellows to afford me ken,
And pray Him heartily the heavy mass
Of my sole mind to lighten with design,
And pray and pray them all that my soul move
By some brief constancies whose antique line
None ever scoff or doubt or disapprove.
For as one mountain mightily upbears
Ten thousand things upon its skyward slope,
So by one truth, or few, my spirit fares
To empire and immeasurable scope.

Then go I to my business well content,
Doing what I and Nature too have meant."

Have a blessed Sabbath

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