Monday, May 9, 2011

the practice of theories...

This from an early Journal of Bronson Alcott (April 28th, 1834...

"Here I am, removed from the third to the fourth story-blessed at last with my one little window fronting the City Library and the Athenaeum, with a bed, a trunk for my clothes, a wash-stand, two chairs, and my books. On these I am to feed and content myself during the summer.
Well, it matters little, after all, what surrounds us, how few are the things in which we feel a property and to which we attach ourselves, if the mind have wherewith to feed and the heart to comfort itself. Man can live on his own faith is his faith be fastened on Love and Wisdom. 'Tis not necessary that external goods should enter into the supply. Wiser is he who, in the absence of these, retreats into his own spirit and, in the abstractions of contemplation, and the practice of theories, lives out the delights of the inner life, triumphing over space and time by the activity of his own thought!


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