Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Unitarian humor...

This (with no comment) from "The Dayspring" a publication of the Unitarian Sunday School Society (1878) in a section called "Humorous:"

"MA," said a thoughtful boy, "I don't think Solomon was so rich as they say he was." — " Why, my dear, what could have put that into your head?" — "Why the Bible says he slept with his fathers, and I think if he had been so very rich he would have had a bed of his own."

' A Little boy entered a fish-market the other day, and, seeing for the first time a pile of lobsters lying on the counter, looked intently at them for some time, when he exclaimed: " By the gracious! them's the biggest grasshoppers I've ever seen ! "

I'd' like you to help me a little," said a tramp, poking his head into a country shop.
".Why don't you help yourself?" returned the proprietor, angrily.
" Thank you, I will," said the tramp, as he picked up a bottle of pickles and two loaves of bread, and disappeared"


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