Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christ in the streets of Boston...

A certain kind of "prophetic expectation," says James Freeman Clarke, misses the point.  This today's "Message of Faith, Hope and Love"

"IF we look for a Christ coming in the sky, sitting on the clouds, surrounded with visible angels, blowing an audible trumpet, we shall not see the real Christ who is here at our side in the streets of Boston. That is my objection to prophetic expectations,— that they dull our souls to the ever-present realities of God and heaven.

The real Christ will come to you to-day if you will. When you go to your work, if you ask of God a right spirit, if you begin the day with the desire to be of use to some one, to be in a spirit of true sympathy with those about you, and go through the day trusting in God's presence and help to enable you to be of use to your fellow-men, you will have Christ with you all the day. You will not see any shining cross in the sky; but you will be able to bear your earthly cross, and will find yourself brought into kindly relations with others, able to help them in simple ways, giving and receiving sympathy. This is the real coming of Christ to us; and then we hear him saying, "Inasmuch as ye did it to the least of these my brethren, ye did it unto me."

Amen and Blessings
(painting: Fredrick Childe Hassam: Boston Common at Twilight (1885-86)


Anonymous said...

My dear BU, have you ever considered creating a podcast of these wonderful statements you post here?

That way, people can take this inspiration as they go about their day, whether they are near a computer or not. I know that I for one would enjoy listening to this as I go on a walk or sit by the pool or go to lunch.

Do give it some thought. I think that these quotations, with maybe a little historical commentary from you so people can learn more, would be one of the *best* Unitarian podcasts on the Internet.

Unknown said...

nothing really changes in Boston - or anywhere. But this pic has always been the essence of Boston to me.

slt said...

Hey Tracie,
What a very kind note. The idea has, until now, never entered my head. Just basic blogging taxes my technological know-how to its limits. That said, it is an interesting idea...Thanks again for the encouragement and
blessings, BU

slt said...

Hi elf,
I very much agree! This and a couple of others by Hassam have had a real impact on how I experience Boston. Many thanks for writing! BU