Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bright flowers!...

File:Pink Sweet William flowers.jpg
The fascinating Jones Very writes of...


"Bright flowers! November's frosts and cold have
To greet us on this late Thanksgiving morn,
A tender love for you, as us, has cared;
The pansies still our garden plot adorn,
Chrysanthemums, that with the waning year
Round many homes in golden clusters bloom,
And e'en December's stormy month can cheer,
Stealing from many a clouded day its gloom.
While grateful for the harvest we would be
Which with abundance fills our wide domain
In these bright flowers new tokens, too, we see
Of the same Love which gives the fruits and grain,
And makes November's bare and cheerless bowers
Bright with the hues of memory's fadeless flowers."

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone.


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