Friday, October 8, 2010

from height to height...

This prayer from the Unitarian Devotional, "The Altar at Home" for "Aspiration."

"INFINITE Being, in whom all perfections meet, send thy Spirit down to lift our spirits up to thee. We would not grovel on the low level of time and sense, contented with things that perish. We would aspire evermore from height to height, through knowledge and trust, through obedience and love, still rising, till we reach our perfection. We thank thee for the sacred lures thou dost hold above us, to tempt our desires aloft. 0 may we forget the things which are below, and press forwards and upwards towards the mark for the prize of our high calling in Christ Jesus. Lessen the attraction of ignoble things, and increase the power of all forms of celestial good to draw our souls to themselves. Especially, O God, reveal the glories of thine own being, the loveliness of thine own face to us, that, turning from all else, we may supremely strive to win and lose ourselves in thee. Pardon us, and bless us, O thou who in all and over all art God alone. Amen."


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