Friday, October 15, 2010

a city winter...

This from James Freeman Clarke (also posted at Wonderful Epoch)

"A CITY winter means nine months,—from October to July. In that time what may a church do ? What may not this church do ?

First of all, we may all of us come nearer to God; we may dedicate ourselves more fully to his service; we may increase our faith, our hope, our love. This is the one thing needful,— the root of the whole matter. To try to do Christian work without a fountain of Christian life within is like drawing water from a well by letting down buckets into it. This is better than not to have the water. Better act by a continual struggle and by hard work than not act at all. But when we have faith in God, in Christ, in the gospel, then it is like the flow of water which pours into a city by aqueducts from distant hills, sending its ever-fresh supplies by a power of its own into every home. Let us all, this winter, seek for more faith in the divine love, seek to live in it and from it: then we cannot help receiving good and doing good."


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