Wednesday, February 3, 2010

take heed how ye hear...

My Scripture reading this morning included the passage in Luke concerning how the parables should be heard.  Later I found this list in the January 1861 issuse of "The Monthly Journal of the American Unitarian Association:"


[The following list of the parables of the New Testament mny be useful to some of our readers.]

1. Of the Blind lending the Blind Lnko vi.
2. Of the House built on a Rock Matt. vii.; Luke vi
3. Of the Two Debtors Lnke vii.
4. Of the relapsing Demoniac Matt. xii.; Luke xi.
5. Of the Rich Man ami his Vain Hopes Luke xii.
6. Of the Lord returning from a Wedding Luke xii.
7. Of the Barren Fig-tree Luke xiii.
8. Of the Sower Matt, xiii.; Mark iv.; Luke xiii.
9. Of the Tares Matt. xiii.
10. Of the Seed sown Mark iv.
11. Of the Mustard-seed Matt. xiii.; Mark iv.
12. Of the Leaven Mutt. xiii.
13. Of the Hid Treasure Matt. xiii.
14. Of the Merchant seeking Pearls Matt. xiii.
15. Of the Net cast into the Sea Matt. xiii.
16. Of the Good Householder Matt. xiii.
I7. Of the New Cloth and Old Garment, Matt. ix.; Mark ii.; Luke v.
18. Of the New Wine and Old Bottles, Matt, ix.; Mark ii.; Luke v.
19. Of the Plant not planted by God Matt. xv.
20. Of the Lost Sheep Matt . xviii.; Luke xv.
21. Of the Unmerciful Servant Matt, xviii.
22. Of the Shepherd and the Sheep Johu x.
23. Of the Good Samaritan Luke x.
24. Of the Guest choosing the Highest Seat Luke xiv.
25. Of the Great Supper Luke xiv.
26. Of the building a Tower Luke xiv.
27. Of the King preparing for War Luke xiv.
28. Of the Salt Luke xiv.
29. Of the Piece of Silver lost Luke xv.
30. Of the Prodigal Son Luke xv.
31. Of the Unjust Steward Luke xvi.
32. Of the Rich Man and Lazarus Luke xvi.
33. Of the Master commanding his Servant Luke xvii.
34. Of the Unjust Judge and Widow Luke xviii.
35. Of the Pharisee and Publican Luke xviii.
36. Of the Laborers hired at different Hours Matt. xx.
37. Of the Ten Pounds nnd Ten Servants Luke xix.
38. Of the Professing nnd the Repenting Son .... Matt. xxi.
39. Of the Wicked Husbandmen . Matt, xxi.; Mark xii.; Luke xx.
40. Of the Guests bidden and the Wedding Garment . . Matt. xxii.
41. Of the Fip-tree putting forth Leaves, Mat.xxiv.; Markxiii.; Luke xxi.
42. Of the Thief in the Night llntt. xxiv.
43. Of the Man taking a long Journey Murk xiii.
44. Of the Faithful and Unfaithful Servant Matt. xxiv.
45. Of the Ten Virgins Matt. xxv.
46. Of the Talents Matt. xxv.

Perhaps also the following may be added: —

47. Children in the Marketplace Mutt, xi.; Luke vii.
48. The Strong Man keeping his House, Mat. xii. ; Murk iii.; Luke ix."


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