Monday, February 22, 2010

Imagine...or not

We return to Ephraim Peabody with a sermon for the First Sunday in Lent:  "Temptation of Christ." This the reading before the sermon:

"We should always regard a disposition to indulge in any wicked imagination as a warning of the direction in which our moral dangers lie. Like those little sea-birds seen in all climes, which, when they came glancing over the sea and through the spray, flocking together and taking shelter under the lee of the vessel, are deemed the precursors and prophets of an approaching tempest, so when wicked imaginations flock to the mind, and take shelter there and are permitted to remain, we should consider them as the heralds and warnings of evil deeds to which we shall be tempted, and which, if there be opportunity, we are in danger of committing. "


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