Friday, February 5, 2010

home, friends, love...

From James Freeman Clarke's "Messages of Faith, Hope, and Love" for February 5th.  

"I MUST stand still each day, and think of what God has done for me,— how he has blessed me with home, friends, love, opportunity of knowledge, and rich influences of culture. I must consider how he has sent to me wise teachers and generous, loving hearts to stand by me amid the storms of life. I must remember how he has put dear little children in my arms, and wise and holy men and women near me; how he has borne with me in my wilfulness and pride and folly, and restrained me from going into irremediable evil; how, when I have prayed, because I could not do any longer without prayer, he has hastened to meet my ignorant supplication, and answered it, oh, so sweetly! filling my soul down to its very depths with the peace of God passing all understanding."

Amen and Blessings

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