Tuesday, August 4, 2009

BU in SD

The children and I are visiting my parents, brothers and sister, and many other relatives this week in South Dakota. It is wonderful to be "home" in our small town. Three years ago my children all learned to ride bicycles during our annual visit and the freedom to ride around these quiet streets is a great joy for them (as is seeing all their cousins who invade my parents home every year when we-who live the farthest away-visit.)
I am, as I suppose is natural when visiting the hometown, feeling a need to get back to the basic, essential things and so will, over the next few days, blog some excerpts from lectures by William Phillips Tilden on "The Preparation for the Ministry."
These lectures, given to students at Meadville Theological School in 1889, show Tilden's great love and enthusiasm for Christian service and church work. I hope all find them useful and inspiring.
(The photo shows the Lutheran church that I was a part of through my high-school years)



Kari said...

I have the same -we who live the farthest away-gatherings when I am in Minnesota. Have a wonderful visit. Oh, and I think I've eaten jello salad in that church basement! Or maybe one much like it in Ortonville, MN....

slt said...

Hi Kari!
Many thanks! When I was in High School I sang in a little Christian group that performed at churches in our region. I bet I have had (red) jello salad in 50 chuch basements (maybe even in Ortonville.)
Its great to hear from you and
many blessings, BU

PeaceBang said...

Thanks for posting the photo of your home Loot'ran church! Have fun!