Thursday, August 20, 2009

habitual dispositions of piety...

Much Sunday School preparation work needs to be done today (along with a Sunday Service and Sermon...) This from John Emery Abbott on:


Those who have grown up to characters of exemplary virtue and piety, are almost always able to trace the improvement to those impressions of religious truth which were given them in childhood. Many have felt their distinct and increasing influence in every successive period of life. In others, the religious impulse which was then given, seemed feeble ; amidst the gaiety of youth, it seemed perhaps buried and almost extinguished; but even then it was continually exerting a secret influence in restraining them from vice, in giving force to the power of conscience, in preserving their moral taste pure, and in prompting good wishes and endeavors. It prepared and disposed them to be benefited in after life by the instructions of Providence, the teachings of the pulpit, the exhortations of pious writers, and the silent persuasion of religious example. It rendered the mind susceptible of more powerful religious impressions, and the feelings more easy to be excited and formed to habitual dispositions of piety. If you desire, then, that the mature life of your children should be hallowed with piety, teach them now the fear and the love of God. And if the effect of your instructions be not immediately seen, still they are not given in vain. The good seed will swell and germinate in secret, the dews of Heaven will silently water it, it will gradually gather strength, and rear its form above the earth, and cheer you with its fragrance and beauty, and bear its fruit to the glory of God."

Many thanks to those who commented yesterday and to all...Blessings

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