Thursday, July 28, 2011

Old fogey and young iPad...

So the children and I leave early tomorrow morning for our annual trip to South Dakota to visit my parents, brothers, sisters, grandfather, aunts, uncles,nephews and nieces...It's a wonderful trip but spendy so am looking to reduce luggage costs. Every year I agonize over what books to bring and the result is always a backpack full of books. This year...just the I pad. On it my:
current devotions: (Seneca, Day Unto Day)
Summer reading: Plutarch, and three books about Plutarch
Relaxing reading: Sir Walter Scott
All free and all in one small space. Just thought this old fogey should give credit where credit is due...


Elizabeth said...

My father was born in South Dakota, raised mostly in Montana. Have a wonderful trip.

slt said...

Thanks Elizabeth,
What part of South Dakota? We may be related! Thank you kindly- we have had an excellent trip so far.
blessings, BU