Monday, July 4, 2011

an immortal halo of glory...

This from James Freeman Clarke...

"MEN in whom the ideas of the State are incarnate, renew once more its decaying life. Good men save the State, but they can only save it when other men are capable of being moved and led by their examples. Hannibal could not save Carthage; Marcus Antoninus could not save the Roman Empire; Demosthenes could not save Greece; and Jesus Christ himself could not save Jerusalem from destruction. Nations can go too far to be saved.
The great hope of this land is in the fact that the mass of the people mean right, and, unless misled by demagogues, will do right. But, for this hope to be realized, all Christians and patriots must work together. Then we shall have in place of a nation hampered and fettered by evil institutions a great and noble Christian republic, with its face lifted to the future, and the rising sun of coming centuries of human progress glowing around its brow as an immortal halo of glory."


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