Tuesday, February 1, 2011

timely and necessary aid...

George Edward Ellis, brother of Rufus Ellis (one of my "favorite" Boston Unitarians) relates that if not for Dr. Jacob Bigelow, Rufus may have not made it past infancy...

"The face and form of Dr. Bigelow, as a near neighbor of my home in the same street in Boston, had been most familiar to me from my earliest years. An incident in my childhood had associated him in mind with a sentiment of profound wonder and awe, which, though relieved of all solemnity as I met him in later years, always invested him with reverence for his benignity and skill. A brother, now the minister of the First Church in Boston, then an infant of one year, was choked by a plaything deep in his throat, and at the most critical moment his life was saved by the intervention of Dr. Bigelow, called in as he happened to be passing along the street. I saw the scene then, and it came back to me as I looked upon the reposing form of the venerated physician."

The plaything which is referred to was the silver top of a pepper-cruet, through which the breath of life entered the little body until the timely and necessary aid of the good doctor could be invoked."


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