Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The faith of faiths...

This from Rufus Ellis (who yesterday was saved from death by pepper cruet) on "The Divine Friend"

"Again, with the Church Universal we say, We believe in the Holy Spirit. Blessed are the eyes which shall see and the ears which shall hear the things that are still hidden with God in Christ. If only we could pause a moment from our continual proving of Christianity, and discussing what at best are only its accidents, and understand what a blessed truth it is, only supposing it is truth; if only we would give ourselves up to the Wise Love, seeking for us, bending down to us, interpreting our Christian Bible for us, as Jesus opened the Hebrew Scriptures to His disciples, — we could have a religion as new and helpful for us in our day as theirs was to them in their day. It is the faith of faiths, the creed of creeds, to believe in the Divine Friend; and to claim the privileges of that friendship is to be religious. That will give us more than a sad agnosticism. The Divine Friend has something to tell us which is new and appropriate to our new estate."



RevEliot said...

What is pepper cruet?

slt said...

I believe it is just a pepper shaker-it seemed he swallowed the top and survived because he could still breath through the little holes!
Hope you are well and
Blessings, BU