Friday, December 10, 2010

sure that the Lord reigns...

Back to Brother Frothingham tomorrow.  Today, some Friday JFC (James Freeman Clarke)...

"THE wonderful description of charity, by the apostle Paul, is not rhapsody or declamation; nor is it the account of an ideal super-angelic state, impossible for us here, but to be reached in some heavenly world. This divine power of love is possible for us all. Only let the love of God and man enter the soul, and you have in you the elements here described. You will find it not difficult to "suffer long and be kind." It will seem a simple thing not to envy, not to boast, not to behave unseemly, not to be always seeking your own. Whereas before you were easily provoked, now you smile at provocation, and are unruffled by injury. You become able to "bear all things," to "believe all things," to hope for all good in the midst of evil, and to " endure all things" to the end, patient because sure that the Lord reigns."

(photo: daughter Molly's award winning photograph)

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