Friday, December 3, 2010

changed into life...

I am blessed to know many people who embody the life James Freeman Clarke talks about in today's "Message of Faith, Hope and Love."  May we all seek to live such a life...

"THE years, as they pass on, are changed into life, partly by God's providence, and without any effort of ours. It is done by a law of our nature. God has so made us that, while we grow old in one way, we grow young in another way ; while we are becoming more weak in body, we grow more strong in spirit. That is the natural tendency of things, if we do not oppose it by our own wilfulness. If we accept patiently and trustingly what comes to us from God, there comes with it an inward strength and peace. What we have to add on our part is trust, submission, fidelity. Let us be loyal to our work, whatever it is. Whatever our hand finds to do, let us do it with our might. Let us forget the things behind,— disappointment, sorrow, the unkindness of others, remorse over ourselves. Leave them behind, and reach out to things before, — to deeper knowledge, larger usefulness, purer love. And so, while the outward man perishes, the inward man will be renewed day by day.

One of the most convincing arguments for immortality is the undying appetite of the soul for knowledge, love, progress. As we approach the term of life, it never occurs to us that it is time to fold our arms, close our eyes, and bid farewell to nature, poetry, art, friendship, business. As long as our faculties permit, we. take exactly the same interest in life as if we were to live fifty years longer."


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