Monday, June 7, 2010

Unitarian Affirmations...

This from a review in the "Unitarian Review and Religious Magazine" of a book of sermons called "Unitarian Affirmations" which is a collection of seven sermons delivered by various Unitarian ministers on the basics of the faith in Washington DC in 1879: 

"If we should attempt a still further condensation of these affirmations, we might, omitting some repetitions of the same thoughts, obtain something like the following statement of faith : —

I believe in Christianity; in its basis of universal religion in the soul of man; in the Father it reveals in God; in the Divine Sonship of Christ, the type and •witness of the sonship of humanity ; in the Holy Spirit, the present life of God in the life of the world and in the souls of men.

I believe that the heart of man has everywhere sought after God, if haply it might find him; and that in the Bible we have the record of that seeking in the race to which God's providence vouchsafed the earliest place in the large unfolding of Himself, and of which, according to the flesh, Christ came, for the power of whose life and the comfort of whose gospel as witnessed in the New Testament, God be blessed forever.

I believe in human nature, the capacity of man to overcome the evils of this world and the sins which beset and debase him, and to come to the standard of God's purpose in the fulness of Jesus Christ.

I believe in the Christian Church, the fellowship of faith and hope and love. in the truth and work and spirit of Jesus, to declare the forgiving and renewing love of God; and in the communion of all holy souls in the divine life, the service of humanity, and the faith of the coming kingdom of heaven.

I believe in the everlasting faithfulness of God; the eternity of his recompensing law; the ceaseless woe of sin; the overcoming might of goodness; the one rule of God in all worlds; and the life everlasting."


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