Wednesday, June 9, 2010

complete harmony and perfection...

For the UU Salon's June question, from the Introductory of Thomas Baldwin Thayer's influential "Theology of Universalism" published in 1862. 

"This is essentially the theology of Universalism, the character and action which, following the sacred Scriptures, it ascribes to God as the Supreme Governor of the universe, and the Creator and Father of men. In him are united all possible perfections ; and by the necessity of his nature, he is infinite in all his attributes, and unchangeable—the same yesterday, to-day, and forever. He is the source of all our blessings, the inexhaustible fountain of good to man in this world, and in all worlds, in time, and in eternity.

This doctrine of the complete harmony and perfection of all the divine attributes, of the infinite benevolence of God in the creation and government of the world, inspires the true believer with reverent trust, with devout gratitude, and with an earnest desire to conform to all the requirements of his righteous laws. It imparts courage in the presence of danger, resistance in the time of temptation, patience in tribulation, resignation in suffering, and peace in the hour of death. The experience of these beneficent influences, and the happy consciousness of this spiritual renewal, justify the Universalist Christian in claiming for his faith, that it has all the characteristics of a divinely authenticated religion ; that it is, in a word, identical with the Gospel as taught by the Saviour and his chosen disciples."


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