Monday, May 24, 2010

Skeptics, Mystics, and Dyspeptics...

Rufus Ellis reminisces about transcendentalism and the Harvard Divinity School of his day:

"Of Buckminster and Channing we have no experience,— they were before our day; but of what was known somewhat vaguely and often incorrectly as " Transcendentalism " we have experience. Our lines were appointed in the very midst of it. Eating and drinking, sleeping and waking, at home and abroad, at Cambridge and in Boston, and all the way from the one to the other, we had our conversation with it. Our first parish had had it very badly. The Divinity School in our time was characterized by the somewhat famous distribution into " Sceptics, Mystics, and Dyspeptics." They were sad days, — instructive, doubtless, but fearfully sad; and the fact that any who passed through them still remained in the ministry may be taken for pretty good evidence that it was meant they should, and that they did not act " out of their own minds."


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