Saturday, May 22, 2010

A hymn for Pentecost...

A hymn for Pentocost from "Hymns of the Spirit," the 1889 edition:


Come, deck our feast to-day
With flowers and wreaths of May,
And bring an offering holy, pure and sweet
The Spirit of all grace Makes earth His dwelling-place ;
Prepare your hearts your Lord with joy to meet!

O golden rain from heaven !
Thy precious drops be given
Upon the Church's waiting, thirsty field;
And let thy waters flow,
Where'er the sowers sow
The seed of Truth, that living fruit it yield.

Come, O thou trackless wind!
Breathe quickening o'er our mind ;
Let not the flesh to rule the soul aspire ;
O sunshine of pure Love !
Thy sweet glow let us prove,
And fill our hearts with thy soft quenchless fire.

O Spirit! stir our will
Its high aims to fulfil;
Be with us always when we go and come:
Deep in our spirits dwell,
And make their inmost cell
Thy temple pure, Thine ever-holy home."



Guesnerth Josue Perea said...

Do you have more information on the painting? It is amazing! Artist name and painting name would suffice. Thanks!

slt said...

Hello! The painting is "The Pentecost" by Jean Restout (1732)
I apologize for not posting that originally. Many thanks for writing and
Blessings, BU

Guesnerth Josue Perea said...

Thank you very much for the information and providing the image of the painting, may I ask how you became aware of it?

slt said...

I wish I had a deeply meaningful story about the painting but in reality, in looking for an image for this post, I Googled "Pentecost painting") and was struck by this. It would be something to see the original...
Many blessings, BU

Peggy Bowes said...

I too found this painting when looking for an image for a blog post. It certainly is striking, especially that Mary, the spouse of the Holy Spirit, is the central figure. The original is in the Louvre. I would love to see it some day.

Tim said...

This painting is located in the Louvre in Paris. I took a photo of it when I was there several years ago. It's huge!