Sunday, October 11, 2009

written in the soul's deep pages...

This from Samuel Longfellow's "Hymns and Verses." May all have a blessed Sabbath.


Light of ages and of nations!
Every race and every time
Has received thine inspirations,
Glimpses of thy truth sublime.
Always spirits in rapt vision
Passed the mystic veil within ;
Always hearts bowed in contrition
Found salvation from their sin.
Reason's noblest aspiration
Truth in growing clearness saw;
Conscience spoke its condemnation,
Or proclaimed the Eternal law.
While thine inward revelations
Told thy saints their prayers were heard,
Prophets to the guilty nations
Spake thine everlasting word.

Lord, that word abideth ever;
Revelation is not sealed ;
Answering now to our endeavor,
Truth and Right are still revealed.
That which came to ancient sages,
Greek, Barbarian, Roman, Jew,
Written in the soul's deep pages
Shines to-day, forever new!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks, B.U. I chose this for the processional hymn of my ordination, which caused one colleague to joke, "You're bringing us in to "Deutchland, Deutchland, Uber Alles?" But the familiar tune act actually comes from, I think, Brahms. Maybe people would sing this more if we tried a different musical setting...