Sunday, October 18, 2009

the stream will be sweet...

I have mentioned before that our church Bible Study group is organized, this year, around themes, the first of which is sin. Today, Genesis 3 (the fall.) I am also teaching our 5th and 6th grade class this morning which happens to be looking at Gen. 4 (Cain and Abel.) Needless to say, my mind has quite been full of sin as I have prepared for today...

This from John Relly Beard from his "Reasons Why I Am A Unitarian in a Series of Letters"
"My Dear Edward,

I am a Unitarian, because Unitarianism is Destructive of Sin.—The common theology removes the punishment of sin, or leaves the sinner to suffer for ever. The last is a wretched issue, especially when the fate awaits the great majority of God's so-called children. The former is a delusion. The penalty of sin is never removed until the sin is renounced, and not renounced only, hut replaced by holiness ; and holiness is not a gift but an acquirement. These are facts in God's government of the world. They are laws of Divine providence. They are declarations of the will of God, and so demand attention from all men, especially those who assume to teach others. Recognising the behests of the supreme will, Unitarianism aims at nothing short of destroying sin. Knowing that sin and well-being are as incompatible as disease and comfort, it makes the removal of sin its great work. Causes rather than consequences it regards, assured that the stream will be sweet if the fountain is pure."


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