Monday, May 25, 2009

a master of living well...

Today is the birthday of Ralph Waldo Emerson. It would be difficult to overstate the importance of Emerson in my life. Beginning at the age of 18 in an American Literature class at Northern State College in Aberdeen South Dakota, my engagement with Emerson has, for better or worse, shaped my spiritual life for much of my adult life. We still wrestle regularly...

This from "Domestic Life:"

"I honor whose ambition it is, not to win laurels in the state or army, not to be a jurist or a naturalist, not to be a poet or a commander, but to be a master of living well, and to administer the offices of master or servant, of husband, father and friend."

Happy Birthday and Blessings


David G. Markham said...

I agree with Ralph. These are the unsung heroes, those who live with integrity, faithful to their relationships, doing their best.

In our current culture constantly looking for stimulation, if it bleeds, it leads, we rarely hear or read about the day to day heroes who live ordinary and good lives. What has happened to our culture?

Ralph, though, has it. God bless him and God bless you for reminding us of his wisdom and grace.

All the best,

David Markham

PeaceBang said...

Thanks for the reminder!!