Friday, May 8, 2009

a child of God

Today marks the anniversary of the death of the poet Jones Very (1813-1880). Without question, Very is one of the more fascinating figures of Boston Unitarianism (an online biography can be read here) I will no doubt write more on Very as time passes, but for now a couple of poems...

The Son

Father, I wait thy word. The sun doth stand
Beneath the mingling line of night and day,
A listening servant, waiting thy command
To roll rejoicing on its silent way;
The tongue of time abides the appointed hour,
Till on our ear its silent warnings fall;
The heavy cloud withholds the pelting shower,
Then every drop speeds onward at thy call;
The bird reposes on the yielding bough,
With breast unswollen by the tide of song;
So does my spirit wait thy presence now
To pour thy praise in quickening life along,
Chiding with voice divine man’s lengthened sleep,
While round the Unuttered Word and Love their vigils keep.

The New Birth

Tis a new life;--thoughts move not as they did
With slow uncertain steps across my mind,
In thronging haste fast pressing on they bid
The portals open to the viewless wind
That comes not save when in the dust is laid
The crown of pride that gilds each mortal brow,
And from before man's vision melting fade
The heavens and earth;--their walls are falling now.--
Fast crowding on, each thought asks utterance strong;
Storm-lifted waves swift rushing to the shore,
On from the sea they send their shouts along,
Back through the cave-worn rocks their thunders roar;
And I a child of God by Christ made free
Start from death's slumbers to Eternity.


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Robin Edgar said...

"The tongue of time abides the appointed hour, Till on our ear its silent warnings fall;"

Some of The Father's* silent warnings are intended to fall on eyes, not ears. . . The next silent warning falls on July 22nd and will be seen in India and China.

* Being a good small 'u' unitarian, aka a monotheist, I am not big on patriarchal language that portrays God as male, indeed I am not big on language that portrays God as a parent either but I do use it from time to time when others are using that kind of traditional religious language.