Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wishing all a Radically Moderate New Year

Monkey Mind ( had an excellent and thought-provoking post this morning noting the anniversary of the passing of Elliot Richardson. A modern "Boston Unitarian," Richardson sought in his career to live out the fundamental element of his Unitarian faith; the inherent dignity of all people. His memoir/manifesto "Reflections of a Radical Moderate" is based on this premise and contains these words:

"...radical moderates still strive to be practitioners of their predecessors' problem-solving capacity. they are resourceful in finding ways to deal with a matter of national concern at the lowest possible level of government. Though not hostile to regulation, they demand proof of the need for it and seek to make it minimally intrusive. They reject the tendency of liberals and conservatives alike to think in terms of class warfare. Instead, being community-minded, radical moderates work at promoting better community design and organization as well as broader citizen participation in dealing with matters of community concern. Above all, recognizing that the good health of every level of the American system depends on trust, they insist upon honesty in public discourse, are vigorous in combating corruption, and view cynicism as Public Enemy Number One."

Amen. And I wish everyone a radically moderate 2009. Blessings

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Bill Baar said...

...are vigorous in combating corruption...

Illinois just gave the Nation a strong dose of corruption.

Get ready for the long combat.