Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Laymen's League

An interesting discussion at East of Midnight (with ChaliceChick and others) about adult education (among other things) put me in mind of the old Laymen's League, Women's Alliance, and Young People's Religious Union, all AUA/UUA (I believe) Unitarian laypeople organizations (of course the Alliance lives on, blessedly, in many congregations.)

I happened to find the other day, a program for my local Mass. town's chapter of the Laymen's League from 1927-28.

The objectives of the League were:

1. Promotion of Liberal Religion
2. Education
3. Social Service and
4. Good Fellowship.

Their program for 1927-28 in my town included:

Nov. "International Banking"

Dec. "Recent Developments in Modern Surgery"

Jan. "Three English Men of Science"

Feb. "A General Diuscussion of Town Affairs"

March "Making Tires: from Raw Material to finished Product (Illustrated with Moving Pictures)

April "Ladies Night. Speaker to be Announced

May "A meeting devoted to some aspect of Foreign Policy

June "The Ideal Layman. (given by the local Unitarian Minister)


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