Thursday, January 26, 2012


This poem by Unitarian minister, translator and eminent musicologist John Sullivan Dwight was well read this morning. Truer words...

"    Is not true leisure
  One with true toil?
    Rest is not quitting
  The busy career,
Rest is the fitting
  Of self to one’s sphere.
    ’T is the brook’s motion,
  Clear without strife,
Fleeing to ocean
  After its life.
    ’T is loving and serving
  The Highest and Best!
’T is onwards! unswerving,
  And that is true rest.
    Work, and thou wilt bless the day
  Ere the toil be done;
They that work not, can not pray,
  Can not feel the sun.

God is living, working still,
  All things work and move;
Work, or lose the power to will,
  Lose the power to love."


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