Sunday, April 24, 2011

at times prevail...

This from the Unitarian Minister, poet and mystic Jones Very. Have a blessed Easter everyone...

That friends we loved, in dying did not die,
We do believe; but oft our faith is weak,
For error, doubt, and fear our minds will try,
And for our faith we confirmation seek.
Imagination promises its aid,
And pictures them to us as still alive;
And brighter scenes than earth by it are made,
By which our souls do strength and hope derive.
But most the Word of God new hope doth bring,
And with its light our spirits' depths illume;
For Christ is risen, Death's conqueror and king!
And banished from the earth its night of gloom,
Which with its terrors did the soul assail,
And even o'er our faith at times prevail."

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