Sunday, April 11, 2010

You did not hear that from the Lord...

The question of the divinity of Jesus has always been a central place of contention between Unitarians and the "Orthodox" (and between Unitarians and Unitarians.)  Samuel J. May, radical in politics, was fairly moderate in his theology.  May on the Divinity of Jesus:

"One day Mr. May found two stern-looking women at his front door. He invited them to walk in, with his usual cordiality; but they said, as if doubting their welcome, " We have come to you with a message from the Lord." " Then you must come in, for there is no one from whom I should be so glad to hear." After they were seated there was a long pause; but at last one of them said, " Mr. May, we have heard that you do not believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ." "You did not hear that from the Lord [May replied,] for the Lord knows I do."

Have a blessed Sabbath
(For James Freeman Clarke on this question, see this morning's post at Wonderful Epoch)

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Anonymous said...

So, UUs are free to believe that Christ is the image of God if he/she chooses?

I'm personally kinda tossed up on the question myself. Yet I know I cannot live without Jesus in my life on some level or other.

Blessed Sabbath