Sunday, January 24, 2010

our brother's keepers...

Our church pulpit guest this morning is from the Unitarian Universalist Urban Ministry.  James Freeman Clarke's words, from the daily devotional "Messages of Faith, Hope, and Love" for January the 24th seem appropriate:

"HOW many noble enterprises there are in this community to which men and women are devoting time, thought, strength, heart, life, and only ask of us a little sympathy and a little aid! Some labor for the poor, some for the children who have no homes nor friends, some for those who have fallen into temptation, some for the poor animals, mute sufferers, unable to complain of their wrongs, some for neglected infants, some for aged people left alone in the world, some for young men thrown amid the risks of a great city. All they ask of us is to help them in their work; but how many of us think that, on the whole, we are not our brother's keeper!"


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