Sunday, November 22, 2009

My footsteps here below direct...

This from James Freeman Clarke's "Church of the Disciples" service book...a hymn for guidance. 

"God's Guidance"       Jung Stilling

1 Thou, who upon the eternal throne,
Dost weigh the fates of all below,
And ever wear'st the radiant crown
Of worlds unnumbered round thy brow:
Thy wisdom formed the plan sublime
Of what man's future course shall be;
The path didst shew which I must climb
To reach my final destiny.

2 Till then let power Divine protect,
And heavenly peace my spirit cheer,
My footsteps here below direct,
Till I before thy face appear.
The present seed I now shall sow
To ripen for eternity,
O let it to perfection grow,
Then take thy pilgrim home to thee.


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