Sunday, June 21, 2009

the day indeed be blest...

This morning marks the end of another regular program year at our church (During the summer we hold bi-weekly lay led services.) May the peace and rest of the sabbath be with us and with everyone. This hymn from the 1865 edition of the "Hymns of the Spirit":

"The Day of Prayer and Rest

Earth's busy sounds and ceaseless din
Wake not this morning air!
A holy calm should welcome in
This solemn hour of prayer.

Now peace, be still, unhallowed care,
and hushed within the breast!
A holy joy shall welcome there
This happy day of rest

Each better thought the spirit knows,
This hour, the spirit fill!
And thou, from whom its being flows,
O, teach it all Thy will!

Then shall the day indeed be blest,
And send its hallowing power,
Its sacred calm and inward rest,
Through many a busy hour."


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PeaceBang said...

peace and rest to you, BU. Lovely photo and post.