Friday, February 6, 2009

Sylvester Judd

Sylvester Judd, (1813–1853) Unitarian Minister in Augusta, Maine, transcendentalist and novelist, was most famous for his novel, "Margeret." He was an advocate for peace, against slavery and was a great proponent of infant baptism. The Christian Examiner writes of Judd's formation: " Prompted by a yearning for knowledge and by a most devout religious temper, he worked his way into and through Yale College,-with the idea that he should become an Orthodox minister. But in his college life, and immediately afterwards, the cruelty and " dishonor " of the Calvinistic scheme forced themselves upon his attention, so as to bring him years of mental agony. His devout love of God, his consciousness that he had always loved him, and that God also loved him, made him a Unitarian ; and, setting aside all his older wishes, he entered the Unitarian ministry."
The next few days will be given over to selections from his sermons on "The Church"
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David G. Markham said...

Hi BU:

Sylvester Judd sounds like a fascinating man. I look foward to reading your selections of his work.

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David Markam