Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday Evening Sabbath Preparation

This hymn by William Cullen Bryant from the 1865 Hymns of the Spirit (see all posts Hymns)

"Peace Be Within Thy Walls"

O Thou, whose own vast temple stands
Built over earth and sea,
Accept the walls that human hands
Have raised to worship Thee!

Lord, from Thine inmost glory send,
Within these courts to bide,
The peace that dwelleth, without end,
Serenely by Thy side.

May erring minds that worship here
Be taught the better way;
And they who mourn, and they who fear,
Be strengthened as they pray

May faith grow firm, and love grow warm,
And pure devotion rise,
While round these hallowed walls the storm
Of earth-born passion dies.

Amen. And have a peaceful Sabbath

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