Saturday, September 27, 2008


My morning devotions usually include part of a 19th Century Sermon and I am currently reading "Sermons" (1854) by Thomas Treadwell Stone, a "minor"(what an unfortunate term) transcendentalist and pastor at Salem and Bolton, MA, and in Brooklyn Connecticut. Prominant in the fight against slavery, Treadwell contributed to the Dial and was one the the young Unitarian ministers associated with the Transcendental Club. This from his sermon:

"The Psalm of Thanksgiving"
Looking abroad into the majestic universe, and entering into communion with its spirit, let us put aside whatever is discordant and jarring, all selfishness and pride, all envy and jealousy, all unkindness and impurity, everything evil and felse, every prejudice and narrowness; and opening our souls to selectest influences, flow they whence and through what channels they may, let us prepare ourselves to enter and dwell in the house of the Lord, raising to him the Psalm, consecrting to him every power and service, through the whole of our existence. Not with our lips only, but with heart and hand and living deed, let the soul ascend."