Monday, April 5, 2010

the place in which you live...

It was a truly beautiful Easter Day on the South Shore of Mass. with warm sunshine and a light soothing breeze. After church, the children and I took a long meandering walk at one of the "reservations" along the North River. Beautiful and fascinating, (Mass. first ever designated "Scenic River") it flows through five communities and winds for 23 miles.

I report these facts because though I have walked along the North River much, drive over it every day, and live firmly in its watershed, I have remained near totally clueless about it's "facts." And this does not just apply to the North River. My deep love of nature is matched by my utter ignorance of its particulars (for which I blame a wandering mind and a bad year in high school biology!)

For the past couple of weeks I have been reading much Thoreau (mostly for a Church School curriculum I am working on but also because I feel most "transcendental" during the changing of the seasons) and he has shamed me into resolving a summer of getting to know the place in which I live...


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