Friday, January 1, 2010

a great unspeakable gift...

I was going to excerpt this morning more of Henry Ware Jr's passionate and duty filled New Year's sermon begun yesterday. But as the sun starts to rise revealing a beautiful New England morning, the trees white with yesterday's snow, the world's aspect pure, I am more inclined to pass on these words from James Freeman Clarke...Happy New Year to all.!  (tomorrow, back to Ware and Duty!)

"WHAT a wonderful thing it is that we should be alive! If we live millions of years, nothing can happen to us more wonderful than this,— that we have begun to be, that we are born into this great universe, infinite in extent, everlasting in duration, and filled with the presence of divine power, wisdom, and love. We have been created, by a divine foreknowledge and purpose, to be living souls, capable of knowledge, love, action, progress, goodness, joy. We have been placed in one of the many mansions of our Father's house, to grow up into what he means us to be. This entrance into the universe is such an amazing event that it might easily overwhelm us with its wonder. We are so softly cradled into being that we do not feel the enormous change. But, to make the most of life, we must see this wonder of existence. We must feel what a great, unspeakable gift was bestowed on each of us in that we live."

Amen and blessings


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year BU! May 2010 be a year of light and love for you & all your friends & family.

Are some of these winter photos that you post shots of the landscape around you, or just some random snowy photos? They are stunningly gorgeous, either way!

boston unitarian said...

Thank you so much Tracie and I wish you and yours the same for this new year!
The snowy tree photos so far are random but we took a beautiful walk this morning and my daughter took some photos that I hope to post tomorrow.
All the best to you and
blessings, BU