Friday, September 24, 2010

life is sturdy...

Verse 45 of the Tao first translated by James Legge and then in words by Emerson arranged by Richard Grossman (from his "The Tao of Emerson:"

"Who thinks his great achievements poor
Shall find his vigor long endure.
Of greatest fullness, deemed  void,
Exhaustion ne'er shall stem the tide.
Do thou what's straight still crooked deem;
Thy greatest art still stupid seem,
And eloquence a stammering scream.

Constant action overcomes cold;
Being still overcomes heat.
Purity and stillness give the correct law
to all under heaven.

The men we call greatest are least
in this kingdom.
He that despiseth small things
will perish little by little
Let him esteem nature a perpetual counselor
and her perfections the exact
measure of our deviations.

Do no craze yourself with thinking,
But go about your business anywhere.
Life is not intellectual or critical,
but sturdy."


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